Laura Demaude


Ugh God, it’s so hard to write about yourself, isn’t it? Amy and I should’ve written each other’s bios. I literally never know what to say. Though I suppose that in writing that, I’ve covered something About Me, so maybe I AM good at writing bios after all! You have peeked into my nerdish soul and seen my true nature! (An annoying rambler who doesn’t know what to say in bios!) The end!

Well, not quite. I suppose that while we’re here, I may as well quickly tell you about my geekish specialties. For though I am clearly crap at writing (and introducing) bios, I AM good at waxing lyrical about the things that I love, which include Japan, books, writing, comedy and games. So if you’ve come here to see that, then you’re in the right place, friend. Welcome, and the end!

WAIT, I just thought of some facts. I’m half French (and 0.2% African, according to a recent DNA test). I’m also an aspiring author and an ex-expat, after having moved overseas to Frankfurt to pursue my true love. Did I mention that I’m a romantic? I’m also a dog person. Maybe I’m not so bad at writing bios after all… these are good facts, right? I’m an Aries!? I dislike decaf. I’m going to stop now, before this gets out of hand. I get into my pyjamas at 6pm! Okay, this is really the end! Bye(o)*!

*I also make terrible jokes. Please don’t hate me.

These are a few of my favourite things…

Breakfast food: Pancakes… preferably drowned in syrup
Most nostalgic meal: Spaghetti bolognese (tastes of childhood)
Favourite tipple: Gin and tonic (thankfully doesn’t taste of childhood)
Best reads: Big Magic (Elizabeth Gilbert), Rebecca (Daphne du Maurier), Furiously Happy (Jenny Lawson) and the Illuminae series (Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufmann)
Most-loved film: Amelie
Favourite band: Weezer
Number one place: Tokyo orrr the south of France. Preferably in a bakery
Favourite collectibles: Fortune cats, candles and stationery!
TV show: Parks and Recreation
Most wonderful time of the year: Autumn! Whip out the KNITS
Preferred holiday: Japan
Colour of my soul: Mustard. Or emerald
How I take my coffee: A flat white with a shot of hazelnut or gingerbread syrup. Mother may I
Style icon: Tan France (that confidence) and Nikki Bella, but mostly strangers on Pinterest
Favourite smells: Coconut, gingerbread and melted butter (omg)
The best thing I own: This is too hard to answer, but I am a huge blanket hoarder. So I suppose I would have to say all my blankets… and books. Duh

Amy Keen


I wish, as Laura mentioned, that we were writing each other’s instead of our own (bios). I always feel like I can’t think of a single interesting thing to say when I have to write about myself….congratulations, you’re completely average and dull. Laura on the other hand I could wax lyrical about for dayyyysssssssss. She’s a magnificent, unicorn gift from heaven.

Ok, ok, I appreciate this is a big fat bit of content for the procrastination folder so far. Quick fire facts ok? So – married (spectacular husband), mum of two beauts, author of three book babies and mother of a fur baby called Ziggy (as in Stardust). I am obsessed with the TV show Supernatural to the degree I make an annual pilgrimage to Rome to wallow in fannish glory with my people. What else? I love reading, writing, singing hideously loudly and with much gusto while driving. Enthusiastic laugher since birth, general idiot.

Wanna talk for hours using only gifs? Feel changed on a deep spiritual level by Jonathan from Queer Eye? Wanna talk about how underrated Jensen Ackles’ acting is? Fancy laughing until your ribs feel like they may have dissolved? Then come on in, the water’s lovely.

These are a few of my favourite things…

Breakfast food: Strong coffee, syruped (yeah I know) pancakes
Most nostalgic meal: At Christmas my gran used to make tins of homemade sweets, and she made the best peppermint creams with silver balls on… so good
Favourite tipple: Prosecco!
Best reads: Gah too many to count…I will always remember reading The Handmaid’s Tale
Most-loved film: Home Alone
Favourite band: Years and Years
Number one place: Home
Favourite collectibles: Stationery, books, items associated with my fannish ways (funko pops, limited edition figures, vinyl and replica items)
TV show: Supernatural
Most wonderful time of year: Christmas
Preferred holiday: New York wandering
Colour of my soul: Salmon pink
How I take my coffee: Strong with frothy milk
Style icon: Tan France? Lily Collins
Favourite smells: Cut grass, gingerbread anything and Christmas candles
The best thing I own: Probably my Talkboy from Home Alone 2 – forever fangirling