Creative self-care

Oh lovely, lovely awkward people…

We’re sorry we’ve been quiet, but that’s the last of the ‘s’ word, because this project was never about deadlines, or pressure to deliver content to meet the insatiable needs we’ve all developed thanks to social media…no, no. This blog was born as a creative outlet, a safe, friendly space for us to gather at whatever intervals we saw fit and enjoy stuff (and share awkwardness) together.

So, it’s been a while, but for those of you that don’t know, Laura and her wonderful other half have set up a shiny new content creation company (Jammy Bear), it has the cutest mascot and two of the very best content writers I know at the helm, so hit them up if you have any wordy needs. Similarly, I have been busy with family, getting my youngest settled into school, diving back into work at a faster pace and just general life, so things have been busy. However, here we are, back at it following the success of the interview we did with Lynn Zubernis on Fandom (thank you for all the support and lovely feedback on that), and today we’re talking about self-care.


Specifically, we’re looking at creativity as a form of self-care.

We’re (obviously) huge fans of creativity in all its forms and I got thinking about how some of the most effective ‘me’ time I have ever taken has been in relation to creative pursuits. I’ll be honest, this is said with absolutely no relation to craft projects with my children – although I adore them (and watching them create), nothing gives me palpitations like a kid with glitter glue and sequins.

I write, I read, but I often dabble in other things. I once made David Bowie as Aladdin Sane out of those little beads you iron together, just because. I doodle, a lot, I like to decorate and arrange things, so it’s safe to say making and doing are things I enjoy, but until more recently I just thought of these as things I liked to pass the time and I didn’t recognise how much of the time spent doing these activities was recharging me. Self-care by definition is about taking time for things that benefit your emotional, mental and physical health, so doing things you love is obvious self-care when we look at that way, but still, modern life tends to have us box everything off or add deadlines and expectations to even that, which can mean we’re seeing our self-care activities as something to schedule too – more pressure.


I am trying, just like with this blog, to reduce those self-imposed, or societally imbedded pressures.

I want to write here and share stuff, but I want to do so when the mood takes me and when I can write without feeling rushed or like I am doing it because ‘I should’. So I have been playing around with the idea of creativity as self care; I bought some pens, paper and a creative lettering course you study at home, I’ve bought some Christmas decorations to make something new from for the festive season, but more importantly, I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone to attend a Creative Retreat. It’s just a day, but it’s a day to try new creative pursuits, meet other people (awkward) and kind of selfishly, wholly immerse myself in the fact that I am creative, even if I only get around to being so for a few hours every few weeks or months, it’s there. A no-judgement, just do it kind of day, run by women I admire.

Self-care for me is reading, writing, making, planning. It doesn’t mean resting necessarily (though it absolutely can), it’s like unlocking that corner of my brain that gets too full of stuff sometimes. Don’t schedule it, unless that works for you. Self-care can be doing stuff as well as leaving stuff behind, it’s just about finding your thing.


What’s your perfect self-care Sunday?

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