Awkward knows me by name…

It’s been a little while people, since we reminded you that you’re most definitely not alone when you do the douchiest, most embarrassing things ever…or in the case of today’s Awkward, simply attract passively awkward events and scenarios.

Those of you who have been with us a while may remember the great forehead/foreskin debacle of (circa) 2004/5 – immortalised on this blog. Well this little anecdote is the big sister of that one; it involves the same people, much awkwardness occurred, but at least I only had to bear witness, rather than lead the charge.

Everyone loves a BBQ, right??

I’m lucky to say that my family is close. We spend a lot of time together, we celebrate everything and anyone with a get together of some sort and there’s always food, laughter (often alcohol) and general, jolly good times. Since I met my husband, there has also been a hilarious upwards trend in humour, of the most inappropriate kind. Watching the bond between my dad and my husband form has been one of my greatest joys. They’re good mates. They laugh, joke, have great banter and generally lower the tone in the best ways.

So, it is no surprise that they wind each other up too.

Ahh that fateful, summer day….

Much food flinging occurred. Much laughter ensued; at some point the food fight escalated into my dad hitting my husband in the face with something pickled (not a euphemism) and there was eye washing (also not a euphemism)…, you would think that lessons would have been learned. But, oh no.

Picture the scene…my dad tries to take a nice picture of my eldest brother and my sister-in-law. When Kris gestures to me he thinks now would be an amazing time to ‘get dad back’…..clue, it was not a good time.

He mimed pulling down my dad’s shorts and the things that follow will be ingrained on my memory forever. I shook my head, it did seem like a jest too far. But within that millisecond it was too late.

The shorts were down. LOL, you may cry. A harmless joke. HOWEVER………as we all learned this is not something to be repeated ever again, quite simply because on that fateful, hot summer’s day………….MY DAD WAS GOING COMMANDO. Apologies in advance for anyone reading this (including my dad) who knows my family, and for whom this visual image will appear like some ghostly apparition in his presence.

Slow-motion horror swept over Kris’s face, my dad’s eyes widened, my sister in law raised a hand to shield her eyes but the inevitable had happened…my father’s junk was on show. Admittedly, this was brief, he whipped those shorts up within a flash (LOLS) and, he found the whole thing completely hilarious…as did we all, after the horror.

So…people. The lesson here is…you really never know when someone might be going commando. Ahh, that old fable.

So, as I said, a passive awkward, but awkward nonetheless!

Let us know your hilarious, horrifying family tales!




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