8 reasons why autumn is the best (and summer kind of sucks)

Read the following words out loud: Golden. Pumpkin. Crunchy. Mustard. Crackling. Cosy.

Satisfying, aren’t they? (No? Okay – then imagine Bob Ross saying them. There. They have to be satisfying now. There’s not one word that Bob can’t make sound good.) In mine and Amy’s opinion, these are some of the loveliest words in the English language – and, not surprisingly, they’re also all descriptors for the most satisfying season of the year.


With its golden nature, pumpkin-based treats, crunchy leaves, mustard-coloured knits, crackling fires and cosy blankets, there’s nothing not to love about autumn. We miss it all year: particularly during summer, when everything is humid, your clothes feel like prisons of heat and mosquitos terrorise the land. So to connect with all of you other autumn-lovers out there, I (Laura) have put together a list of reasons why the season rules (and summer drools) – leave us a comment if you feel the same! 

1. Knits, knits, knits!


Every morning while I’m getting dressed, I leave myself a long, lingering moment to stare at my jumpers. And sexy, chunky cardigans. And velvet dresses. And raglan tops. And scuffed jeans. A slither of drool might escape out the corner of my mouth. Still in pyjamas, I’ll then skulk over to the coats cupboard, where I’ll stick my face into a pool of scarves and bobble hats and moan yearnfully, until my long-suffering lover finds me in the fetal position on top of our hoover and shoes.*

I MISS MY AUTUMN OUTFITS. I HATE MY SUMMER OUTFITS. Summer clothes are all… strappy and small. And pokey. And terrible, pale colours. I don’t know. They’re not punchy. You can’t layer them up. You can’t do ANYTHING with them. And 50% of them are covered in terrible slogans, like ‘beach vibez’ and ‘living for the summer xoxo’. (In fact, any slogan you hate, I’d wager you’ll probably find it on a summer tank top.)

My autumn clothes, however… my autumn clothes, I adore. Getting dressed is a treat – and so is shopping. The season invites all the best colours into the high street – mustards and emeralds and scarlets – making you look like a warm and flavourful chilli. And it’s acceptable to wrap yourself in thousands of layers at once, like a stylish burrito wrap! I never feel cuter (or, apparently, more like Mexican food) than when I’m in a knitted dress and tights, stomping down the street in my ankle boots with a coffee in hand. 

Tl;dr, summer clothes suck, autumn clothes rock. It’s just fact

*This is only a slight exaggeration.

2. Death by syrup-y caffeine


I would not be such a corporate coffee monster if it wasn’t for the amazing seasonal coffees that come out every October. Toffee nut lattes! Salted caramel cappuccinos! And my personal favourite… praline flat whites! (I’m exhausted by the mere thought that I haven’t had one for nearly a whole entire year, now. How have I survived!? How has anybody!?!)

Autumn’s java is the best java, and coffee shops are made even cosier, too – resplendent with mini pumpkins, sticks of cinnamon and golden leaves. Indeed – while I’m waiting with baited breath for this year’s syrupy autumn coffees, I’m also as excited to curl up with my book and dream away the days in my favourite coffee spot’s autumnally-decorated nooks and crannies.

3. Curling up in blankets


If you’re reflexively reaching for the cosiest looking throw every time you snuggle down on your sofa – you’re ready for autumn, my friend. (Welcome to the club.) We all know that there’s nothing better than cuddling up on a chilly October night in your freshly-washed pyjamas and velvet slippers, and sticking on the newest season of whatever you like on Netflix (because all the best shows come back in Autumn, too!). It’s the recipe for pure happiness.

Summer nights, in comparison, are usually spent intermittently fighting mosquitos to the death and taking cold showers because you just can’t stop sweating.  Summer nights suck.

4. It’s got most of the light of summer, while all of the charm of winter


Autumn is the perfect crossover between the most hellish season of the year and the most enchanting. For instance, we still benefit from long, light days – but when it gets dark, twinkly fairy lights and flickering candles adorn the streets and people’s windows, oozing cosiness into the world. Also, it’s not perilously cold… but still chilly enough to wear all of the knitwear you’ve missed (see: point one). Thank you, autumn, you beautiful diplomat.

5. It’s not ridiculously hot


Summer’s heat is awful and terrible. At least, this year. While the days where it’s been hot but breezy have been manageable (and even pleasant), the days where it’s been horrifically humid – and it feels like we’re living on an active volcano – have been deadly. It’s been too hot to fall asleep, too hot to wear clothes, too hot to do any sort of physical movement lest our bodies explode in a blaze of fire. Not cool. Literally. 

These worries don’t exist in autumn. Sunshine is delivered on tap, but the temperature is never that of an unforgiving lava pit. It’s possible to go outside without melting. I don’t know about you, but I totally miss that non-melting feeling.

6. The glory of nature


Nature NEVER looks prettier than in the autumn. The gradients of the season are just so sexy – marmalades melting into apricots melting into cherries melting into mustards. The trees, in particular, are beautiful, and don’t tell me that you don’t still love the sound of the leaves crunching (said in a Bob Ross voice) beneath your feet when you go anywhere. Everybody does. It’s one of life’s inexplicable pleasures, like sleeping with one foot sticking out from underneath the duvet, or Nicholas Cage films.

7. All the hot, cosy comfort food


If all of your decisions are (and all of your happiness is) based on food, autumn is likely your favourite season. Which other part of the year doles up luscious, gravy-soaked pies, golden crumbles and crispy potatoes like it? And in which other season do you walk past coffee store fronts to be bombarded by the smells of cinnamon-y flaky pastries and baked apples? It’s truly the season of comfort food, and it takes its title seriously. 

8. It has the best holidays


Halloween and Bonfire Night. Both amazing – both in autumn. Curling up and watching crappy horrors with your friends, dressing up in half-assed costumes that you threw together half an hour beforehand and standing round a bonfire with hotdogs slathered in mustard? I would do those things every night of the year if I could (if it were socially acceptable and people would do it with me). But you can only really do it in autumn – giving the season yet another reason why it rules.

Do you feel the same way about the golden season? Let us know in the comments!

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