8 Reasons We’ll Forever Love Gilmore Girls


There are just too many reasons to love Gilmore Girls.

For one, it’s full of fast-talking, coffee-swigging, flawkward women – totally relatable characters that speak to our souls. Also, it regularly features a hunky man in a checkered shirt serving delicious breakfast food (which we all know is the best kind of food, particularly when it’s delivered by a chiselled Adonis). On top of that, Stars Hollow does autumn and Christmas better than anywhere else on earth. 

Essentially, if we could climb into our TV screens and live there (preferably as Lorelai’s neighbours and purveyors of Luke’s pancakes), we totally would.


If you haven’t checked it out yet (where have you been?), you totally have to, like, right now please. Throw on Netflix and snuggle down. We’ll speak in four days and nine hours (approx. how long it takes to watch all 153 episodes back-to-back).

If you have, keep scrolling to read our totally self-indulgent and super true list of reasons why the Gilmore universe is the best. Let’s go!


1. Lorelai is literally US.


We too talk too fast, scare people off with enthusiasm, embarrass ourselves (and probably our friends and families) and want coffee in an IV on a daily basis. We also love old movies, clothes, takeout food and think that Christopher is cute. We could definitely go on, but you get the picture…


… Lorelai is life.

2)  The whole show is one, long caffeine dream.

There’s so much satisfying coffee content in G.G. SO much. Luke’s coffee is drunk or referred to in every episode (usually accompanied by a – frankly – pornographic danish pastry), and if coffee isn’t already casually sitting in one of the Gilmore girls’ hands, it’s definitely being talked about. Or dreamed about. Or referred to, in-between the lines.


Our only minor scruple with both Rory and Lorelai’s java consumption is that they always seem to have black coffee. Massive, frothy cappuccinos topped with chocolate or strong flat whites with a syrupy dash would make living vicariously through their caffeine choices even better.

3)  Lorelai embodies the true Flawkward spirit.

She’s one of the most beloved TV characters in the world… and she’s also so perfectly, wonderfully flawed. She gets upset, has fallouts with her parents, gets into boy-related conundrums, can’t cook to save her life, is late for things, is indecisive, experiences money troubles and still comes off as someone you’d desperately want to be best friends with.


She totally owns and owns up to her flaws, reminding us that it’s okay to make mistakes, live messily and not be brilliant at everything – you can still be an exceptional human being. That makes her the perfect heroine, in our eyes.

4) Stars Hollow is beyond idyllic.

There’s something so wholesome about G.G. (and you already know how much we love wholesome content if you’ve read our ramblings on Queer Eye and Terrace House). From its tree-paved sidewalks to cutesy, dolls house-esque buildings and adorable town meetings, it’s like a modern pastoral paradise.


Oh… and it has the added perk of being only a short drive away from NEW FRIKKING YORK. So, yeah. It has it all.

5) Emily is a badass babe.

Okay, so she can be a touch harsh, but the truth is – Emily Gilmore is a total girlboss. She doesn’t let anybody walk all over her, says exactly what she thinks and supports Lorelai and Rory however she can. Maybe she fires too many maids, and maybe she and Lorelai don’t quite have the emotional connection either of them hope for, but it’s obvious Emily would move mountains for the younger Gilmores – and she’d do it while looking awesome in a tailored pantsuit.


6) Rory’s bookwormishness.

We are book nerds,

Rory’s a book nerd,

Could we make it any more obvious?

(To be read to the tune of Avril Lavigne’s ‘Sk8tr Boi’.)

It’s pretty much her most redeeming and relatable feature (along with her obsession with coffee). We totally connect with how giddy she gets over her favourite authors and constant need for a book to hand wherever she goes, and even to how much she loves ‘book smell’, which we would wear as a perfume if we could.


Dior, Chanel or Armani – if you’re making an ‘eau de sexy hardcover novel’ range anytime soon, you have two loyal customers already.

7) The nostalgia.

Everything about G.G. is just so early 2000s. And we love it. Lorelai’s bright clothes, the music and films they listen to and even the ever so slightly grainy video quality all pay homage to a more innocent time that – let’s face it – we all miss.


Hands up for who shed a tear when ‘There She Goes’ by the La’s started playing in the opening scene of season one, episode one..? We know it’s not just us.

8) Both its script and characters are impossible not to love.

It can be tempting to stick G.G. on in the background while pottering around your house and doing other things – its relaxing vibes provides the perfect soundtrack for daily activities – but we urge you to actually stop and listen to it properly. The script is hilarious, and each character is amazingly developed and distinct – Lorelai with her brilliant sense of humour, Rory’s (fl)awkwardness (particularly in the first season when she’s discovering THE WORLD OF BOYS), Taylor’s prudishness, Luke’s sweetness, Sookie’s enthusiasm and Kirk’s ridiculousness… we could go on. Their interactions with each other always hit the spot.


It’s one of those rare shows where every character is entertaining and endearing in their own way, and you end up loving them all (or loving/hating them, like with Jesse. I mean, he’s cute and a fan of rock music and books but… he can be so mean).  

Have we missed anything off the list that you think needs to feature? Let us know what you love about Gilmore Girls in the comments below.

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